Sunday, November 1, 2009


handcrafted jewelry . wearable art

     ARCO IRIS is about all things handcrafted. For now, it is all about jewelry. I started making jewelry for myself when I was in high school. I spent many a wonderful afternoon at the local bead shop with my best friend. As an adult, I could never find things I liked at the stores, so I fell back on making my own jewelry. I got compliments on my work. A LOT of compliments. Things kind of started from there, and ARCO IRIS (which means Rainbow in Spanish by the way) handcrafted was born. My artwork is very abstract, and I have discovered that so is my jewelry, which is why I like to call it wearable art. I enjoy bringing opposites together; the simple and the ornate, the natural and the manmade. I like to get my hands dirty, and to "create" a piece. There is a little bit of my soul inside of every piece I make. My goal is to create jewelry that makes you feel beautiful, radiant, and inspired each time you wear it! I hope that you will enjoy wearing my art as much as I enjoy creating it.

     You can find ARCO IRIS handcrafted on ETSY, at, or on my Official Website at

     Occasionally I will have a guest artist on my website for a period of time, usually when someone is starting out so they can test the waters. If you are interested in being a guest artist on ARCO IRIS handcrafted's website, please let me know.

Thank you!


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