Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friday's Fashion Find's

Welcome to of my weekly spot,
Friday's Fashion Finds!

      ♥ Friday's Fashion Finds, or F.F.F, features weekly collections of Handmade or Vintage pieces that I love, all of which comes from designers and artists primarily from the Etsy community.  I feel that it is so important for people to see the quality and beauty produced by these amazing designers. Why would you EVER want to shop in a Department Store when you can support Small Business owners and Artists.  Who said "handmade" had to be frumpy? These designers say otherwise! This is couture at it's finest!! ♥

Why do I do my "Finds"? 

     Well, I love Fashion. I'm a girl, I can't help it! I was definitely a fashion victim as a kid. Not that that meant I always wore what was "cool" Usually, I didn't. I definitely had unique taste! LOL. However, I've always loved clothes and design and fabrics and patterns and the way they lay on someone's body. If I could focus more on the details, Fashion School would have been fun. Alas, I just enjoy finding things.

      I am not embarrassed to say that my main staple clothing however is, has been, and will always be, jeans and a tee-shirt. I just know how to rock it a little better now. I'm obsessed with accessories and as I've had two little girls, I've finally become a girl ( was ALWAYS a Tom Boy) and I love make-up. It's so much fun!

     Now, don't go pegging me as some shallow fashionista obsessed with looks, cause I'm not. I wear make-up and pretty things because it's FUN! I love expressing myself with clothing and make-up and as an artist there is no greater satisfaction than "composing" your own look each day. I'm not afraid to get dirty either. I love being in nature, hiking, camping, working in my garden, being filthy. Ya, I said filthy. It's FUN too!! ;)

      So, all that being said, that's why I love doing my "Find's". I've also discovered the AMAZING potential on Etsy of handmade designers. It blows my mind. I feel the very strong need to share what I find with the world, so alas, my "Friday's Fashion Find's". I hope you love it as much as I love putting it all together and finding and getting to know the designers.

SAMPLES of Find's Past:

(Please click on pictures for larger view.)Signature


1. 12/11/2009 -
2. 12/17/2009 -
3. 12/25/2009 -
4.  1/1/2010 -
5.  1/7/2010 -
6.  1/14/2010 -
7.  1/29/2010 -
8.  2/05/2010 -
9.  2/11/2010 -
10.  3/12/2010 -
11.  4/9/2010 -

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