Sunday, November 1, 2009

About Me

      My name is Iris. I am the writer and artist behind "Till death.." and the owner and designer of ARCO IRIS handcrafted, jewelry and wearable art.
     I have been an artist ever since I can remember. I come from a family full of various artists (writers, musicians, painters, cooks, bakers and photographers). I was blessed with the opportunity to learn the freedom and joy of creating from a young age. I remember my Mom telling me when I was a kid that it was OK if I messed up or made a mistake when I was drawing. It could always be fixed. A scribble could become a flower. I live my life the same way, serendipitous.
     I am a stay at home Mama of two amazing little girls, Brooke is 4 and Savannah is 2. I am a full-time online student and accidental entrepreneur. I paint unique children's furniture, am an avid food and wine lover, and love nature and the outdoors. I enjoy nothing more than cooking for my friends and family. Food is how I show my love. I am inspired by the world around me, nature, buildings, clothes, people, my kids, food.
     My lifelong goal: to be an artist. And not a starving artist either, but an artist who can fill the mouths of my family with my work. I love to support and promote my friends and fellow artists of all kinds. I am truly lucky to have this opportunity to meet so many other like minds and talented people and share their talents with the world.

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