Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

OK, so for those of you who know me, I am not the most computer savvy of individuals. I got my blog looking all beautiful yesterday. Casey over at "hotbliggityblog" set me up with a new 3 column layout. I got a new background, text colors that you could actually see with this background. And then, something went horribly wrong. Now I am back to 2 columns and you can't read my text because it is the wrong color and I don't want to change it because it will just be getting fixed soon. Luckily, my girl Casey over at "hotbliggityblog" will be able to fix this mess up for me after the holiday. Until then, please bear with me, and laugh with me, as I learn about this new world I am adventuring in. ☺ Have a wonderful and delicious food filled Turkey day all!!


  1. Thanks for swinging by 504 Main. Casey rocks...she can fix it! I do love your black and red design!

  2. LOL. Thanx, me too! It was so purty before I messed it all up! I guess I learned never to do that again!! :) And YES, Casey does ROCK!!!