Monday, November 23, 2009

Sometimes it's the little things.

So, I had a really great weekend of creative ego boosts. A very good show, nice feedback from other's in my little community, a spot on my first treasury. Today it was continued with a very old and very missed friend purchasing one of my pieces for a special someone in his life. Sometimes, it's the little things. The compliments and encouragement from unexpected places that really makes you feel good and lets you know your on the right path. He sent me a lovely little note in his purchase: "Irie, You are TRULY gifted. Please don't stop creating." Friend, you know who you are, and now you know how wonderful you made me feel. :) Thank you. He then proceeded to stroke my ego more by telling me, in response to my asking if he would like me to include a note, that he would not be buying one of my pieces if he knew what to say. The piece said it all. Can I just tell you friend that I love you, and what a lucky lady. I'm so flattered to be "the words". I hope friend that you do not mind me sharing our personal correspondence, but it meant a lot. For everyone reading, I would love to hear some of your stories. Those little things that made a difference and stand out in your memory. I love those stories! On that note, my happy, tired, midnight blogging self is off to bed to dream of new, beautiful things to make!  

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