Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I was picking herb's out of my wonderful, fragrant herb garden on this sunny Thanksgiving. There is not much lovelier than the smell of fresh herbs being warmed by the sun. As I lazily clipped and picked and pruned, a lovely sound came from above me, and then all around. The beautiful, yellowing leaves of the tree's in my backyard were being pulled gently off the tree's by the slight breeze and were rustling and fluttering gently to the ground. It was like snow in its peacefulness. The slow, lazy way the leaves drifted and spun to meet the ground and cover it in a blanket of gold. I must say, I was enthralled. I think I must have just sat there, squatting next to my herb garden, watching, listening, relaxing and enjoying, for a good 10 minutes. It was a moment of pure bliss in an otherwise, hectic day and life. Some people go to church. I m happy going to nature. Even just those few brief minutes were enough to soothe and calm a relatively stressed out soul. I gave thanks for that. And for the screaming children that unavoidably interrupted that moment of peace and solitude as well. Of course! (LOL) I give thanks for those two every day of my crazy little life.


  1. Beautiful thoughts - nature's inspiration is all around us!

  2. Thank you Miss Angel. It is, as you can tell by my work! :) My brain is already jumping ahead to flowers and spring time...